Lesson 45 Your outside is the reflection of your inside... 

One day, Jose casually followed me into my bedroom... 

At the very moment he stood by my door he hesitated; then he looked puzzled, and finally he smiled widely.

"...Ahhah, I can see that your bedroom is as...untidy as usual."

Embarrassed but happy, I invited him to come in as I was trying to find a free space where he could sit down. 

After a moment and seeing that my efforts were vain, Jose gently pointed a finger towards the sofa and simply said, "Erhh...Yuan, could you please put that thing away so that I could sit?" 

"That thing?" 

I turned around and shouted, "Come on, it is Huggy, it is not "That thing." 

Ahh, I never told my readers that "Huggy" is a plush pig toy and since I hugged it very often, Jose gave it that lovely name. 

"Ok, ok.. Huggy. Sorry, Huggy!" Jose delicately pushed "Huggy" away and finally found a tiny place to sit on the sofa.

"But..." Jose said, "Yuan, is it easy for you to find everything you want in that ...environment?" 

"Yes." I nodded. 


Jose then said, "Well, Yuan, I know that this is your place and obviously I should respect both you and your environment. Hence, I will not utter the smallest complaint. But you know what? Your outside is the reflection of your inside. If your environment is very tidy, it means that you are very clear in your mind. In other words, there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. A tidy apartment shows a tidy person, and, obviously, a tidy person means a tidy mind. "

 Lesson 43: About Ashiatsu

Lesson 42: Awareness

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lol everything IS in its place as far as i know where it is.
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